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12 Inspiring Signs You’re Working With a Coach! (INFOGRAPHIC)

We created this for INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK! Grab it below & share!

We often wonder what we can do to help celebrate coaching. As with our popular graphic “Inside the Heart of a Coach” we wanted to show our love for coaching – and all the great work that coaches do. We had a lot of fun creating this infographic for you to share – with 12 inspirational and fun ways to tell that someone is working with a coach! We hope you feel proud of yourself and the work you do!

NOTE: Want to share JUST the infographic (and not the whole article)? Right-click (or Ctrl+Click on a Mac) to save the full-size infographic below to your device, then simply share the saved infographic direct from your device!

Following feedback, we also created a tall version for people on their cell phones! Just scroll down for an alternative tall version better suited to mobile phones.

Here is your Infographic, “12 Signs You’re Working With a Coach!”

Share this on social media to let potential clients know what coaching could do for them!

AND, here is the tall version for people on their cell phones!

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5 thoughts on “12 Inspiring Signs You’re Working With a Coach! (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. I love everything I find here. I am grateful.

  2. Fantastic infographics as always :).
    Many thanks,

    1. So glad you like the graphics Morana 🙂 Lovely to hear and thank-you for commenting! Warmly, Emma-Louise

  3. I love these and many of your infographics. For some reason I cannot save the tall one ? Any idea why? And can we customize with our info as well ….

    1. Dear Carolyn, thank-you for your kind words and comment! I have no issue saving the tall one, so I’m not sure what to suggest… And these ones cannot be customised/branded. These we created for coaches – and for our own branding. In addition, the image license is only for our own use.

      If you’d like a graphic you can brand, “Why Hire a Coach?” is available in a brandable version in our Q2 Social Media Graphics Package here:

      I hope that helps and wish you a wonderful week. Warmly, Emma-Louise

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