Hello! Emma-Louise here. If you're on this page, it's because you've been given this link by me and you're interested in a 30 minute business consultation.

I get a lot of emails asking questions about running and growing a business, using coaching tools, creating workshops, coaching programs, how to price coaching etc. I used to reply to every single one - in detail - and now it's just too many for me to manage. So, for people who want personal attention - a coaching business consultation - I have made available some times to chat with me.*


  • There are 4-5 x 30 minute appointments a month for you to choose from.
  • Currently all times are at 8am PST (11am EST/ 4pm GST).
  • I attach a small fee to this consultation of $95 USD.
  • You will call me on the number provided at time of booking.

How it works:

  1. Choose a 30 minute timeslot here >> (via an application called TimeTrade).
  2. Once you book a slot in TimeTrade, watch for an invoice for $95 USD from Emma-Louise within 2 working days.
    PLEASE NOTE: This invoice will show up as being from Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.
  3. Once you have paid the invoice, your appointment is confirmed.
  4. Then call me at the appointed time (be sure to add your appointment time and the phone number to call me to your calendar).


  • IMPORTANT: You will be calling me on a Canadian phone number, so please check your calling plan beforehand for international calling ability and rates.
  • CONFIRMING APPOINTMENTS: Once you have paid, the appointment is confirmed. Please note that the consultation will not take place if payment has not been made within 2 working days of invoice receipt.
  • RESCHEDULING: Where it's necessary for either myself or you to reschedule a consultation, please give at least 24 hrs notice before the appointment time. Appointments can be rescheduled via the link in the TimeTrade confirmation email (see red circle on image opposite).
  • CANCELLATION: If you cancel our meeting with 24 hrs notice - I am happy to refund you.
  • MISSED APPOINTMENTS: You will be charged for missed appointments which are not rescheduled in accordance with the above, except in special circumstances eg. sickness, emergencies.
  • LATE STARTS: If you are late for an appointment, the appointment will complete at the scheduled time.

* This is not coaching. I may well ask you coaching questions, but what I'm offering is business mentoring/advice/consulting for coaches. If you'd like to formulate an action plan as part of the session, tell me at the beginning and I'll allow a few minutes at the end of our session for this. Also, in order to maximise the time we have together, please have your questions ready before our call.