We have answered the Top 3 Support Questions we receive below.

Please Note: If you're emailing because your product links have expired, be sure you have given us either 1) the email address used to make the purchase, 2) an order number or full name under which your purchase was made, so we can locate your order and reset your links with minimum delay.

1) If your links "don't work" or files "won't open", here are 3 of the most common reasons:

  • Trying to open your files on a phone or Ipad? Iphones and Ipads do not natively support downloading and storing files of any kind - unless you've purchased specific apps to do so. Please note that if you have a .pdf reader on your device, you may be able to open .pdf files within your browser.
  • Your security settings. Your computer may need a confirmation from you before opening files from an external source. Look for a dialogue box - eg. a pop-up or a band across the top or bottom of your screen - and click yes, "Allow" or "Enable" opening of the file.
  • Do you have the right software to open the files? You will need Microsoft Word to open the .docx files (this is most of our products) and a .pdf reader to open the .pdf files (a few of our products). You can get a .pdf reader free from Adobe Acrobat here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

2) Can't find or save your files, or are having trouble unzipping your files?

  • Our tools are provided in a .zip file. All PCs and Macs now have an unzip/extract facility built-in. Here are some instructions on how to find and unzip your files: https://tctcstaging.com/how-to-extract-your-files/
  • You may have downloaded the file automatically without realising, so look in your downloads folder. Be sure to unzip/extract or copy your files from the .zip folder before using them.

If the suggestions above don't resolve your issue, we suggest you ask your friendly tech support person. We may be able to help diagnose your issue, but will need more information. Tell us exactly what you're doing when the problem occurs eg. what isn't working like clicking a link in an email or your web browser, perhaps Microsoft Word opened and then froze etc. We would also need to know what happens or doesn't happen next, the exact wording of any error message you get, what device you are using, and depending on when your issue occurs we may also need to know which internet browser you are using and/or what version of Microsoft Word. Screenshots also help.

3) Finally, wondering about the overlap between the Megapack and the Renew You Program or Business Coaching Toolkit?

  • Find the details under the "MORE INFO" Tab here: https://tctcstaging.com/products/buy-everything/
  • And yes, due to the overlap we do indeed offer a discount - both the Renew You and/or Business Coaching Toolkit can be added to the Megapack for just $99 (instead of $197). The discount is applied automatically in the cart once you have added all the relevant items.

Warmly, Emma-Louise and Your Support Team