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4 Guided Meditation Audios & Scripts - the perfect calming tool for you and your clients

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About these Guided Meditation Audios & Scripts Ebook

  • Busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed? These 4 Guided Meditation Audios and Scripts are the perfect antidote!
  • Get your 1 minute, 3 minute, 7 minute and 12 minute meditations - so no matter how busy you are, you and your clients can find calm!
  • Each guided meditation uses a different water-themed visualisation to help you leave your cares and worries behind and become more grounded, centered and peaceful now.
  • Once experienced, each visualisation becomes a new tool your clients can use on their own.
  • Also includes When and Why to use Guided Meditation and Helpful Tips on how to read them effectively.

In this Guided Meditation Gift you will find:

  1. 4 x Guided Meditation SCRIPTS in an eBook (which includes when and why to use guided meditation and helpful tips on how to read them effectively).
  2. 4 x Guided Meditation AUDIO Files:
    1) Waterfall (1m 48s)
    2) At the Ocean (3m 46s)
    3) Raging River (6m 58s)
    4) Healing River (12m 42s )

Hi! I'm Emma-Louise Elsey, and as someone who is passionate about coaching and meditation, I'd love you to enjoy these guided meditation audios and scripts to help you & your clients. Coaching since 2003, Emma-Louise Elsey is a professional life coach, NLP practitioner and founder of Simplicity Life Coaching, The Coaching Tools Company, Life Coach on the Go! and coming soon, Fierce Kindness. She is also one of the hosts of The Heart of Coaching Giveaway. Her goal is to bring coaching into the world by helping coaches build their practices with coaching tools and processes, and also to help people find inner peace - and create a life of they love!

I'm excited for you to join us!  Warmly, Emma-Louise

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