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Top-seller and best value on the site! Done For You: Get all our Career and Life Coaching resources instantly, in ready to go themed toolkits – at one awesome price!

8 Helpful Toolkits, plus the 8 Tools not in any Toolkit!

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For the person who wants all our life coaching resources and career tools in a one-stop shop.

Done for You: Get all the Career and Life Coaching Resources and Tools you need, neatly organized into helpful toolkits – at our best value price!

PLEASE NOTE: The MEGApack contains all 68 of our life and career tools. It excludes the Small Business Coaching Toolkit and the Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program (add either/both on for just $99 each – usually $197), discount automatically applied at checkout! *

Get all 68 Career and Life Coaching Resources (8 Toolkits and the 8 Tools not in any toolkit) for just $295!

Includes the 8 Life and Career Toolkits:

  1. WELCOME Pack Toolkit
  2. CAREER Coaching Toolkit
  3. LIFE Coaching Toolkit
  6. BALANCE and SELF-CARE Toolkit
  7. Productivity and TIME MANAGEMENT Toolkit

Plus the SEASONAL Bonus:

  1. SPRING CLEAN Your Life Toolkit

Plus the 8 career and life coaching resources not in any toolkit:

  1. 21 1/2 Workshop Games Icebreakers & Exercises Ebook .pdf
  2. Personal Mission Statement Generator Workbook
  3. Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise
  4. Expand Your Mind – Cartesian Questions
  5. Love Your Weaknesses – Reframe Exercise
  6. Mentor Magic Coaching Exercise
  7. Proactive Friend Finder
  8. Spheres of Influence Coaching Exercise

* Get the Small Business Coaching Toolkit or Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program as a MEGApack add-on for just $99 (instead of $197):

  • Discount automatically applied at checkout – add the MEGApack and either/both the Small Business Toolkit and/or Renew You Program to your shopping cart.

These discounts are offered due to tool overlap/similarity:

  1. Renew You, Love Your Life! 90 Day Coaching Program: 11 of the 14 Coaching Tools in the Renew You Program are available in the Megapack. By adding on the Renew You Program you get our 33 page session by session User Guide for how to run a 3 Month Coaching Program, a 22 page detailed Tool Inventory with instructions, Program Checklist and Marketing Materials including Quotes, Social Media Graphics, a Printable Poster, Marketing and Social Media Copy.
  2. Small Business Coaching Toolkit: Includes a User Guide with a suggested order and structure for the tools. Of the 30 Tools in this Toolkit, 5 tools are exclusive to the Business Coaching Toolkit, 9 tools are based on a tool in the Megapack but have had a more substantial change, and 15 tools are similar to a tool in the Megapack but have had a word and image change to be business-focused. See detail of Small Business Toolkit overlap/similarity here