Workshop Action Recording Sheet


A simple, SMART and extremely practical action recording sheet for your workshop and seminar attendees!

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Do you wish you had a specific, helpful form for your workshop attendees to write down their actions on? Here’s a free workshop template to help – a SMART and practical client-action recording sheet!

This helpful worksheet is for your attendees to record their actions during your workshop, teleseminar or training.

This Workshop Action Recording Sheet has a few “extras” including:

  • A reminder to make actions SMART!
  • Your attendees score out of 10 to identify “How Important” each action actually is to them – great for prioritising, additional motivation and clarity!
  • A “Support” Column so clients can identify what could get in the way and what support they might need.
  • A “How Long” column to identify how long they think the action will take, and notes on when to make it a smaller (and more achievable) action.
  • A “Complete” checkbox, so people can check off actions once complete.