INSTRUCTIONS - How to Set-up Your Affiliate Links:

Finding your unique affiliate id

  • Login to your affiliate account here >>
  • Once Logged in to your affiliate account, select the "Your Affiliate Links" TAB.
  • Under that tab you will find your unique affiliate code in the format wpam_id=X (where X is your unique affiliate id number),

How to add your unique affiliate id to a link

Other great places to send people to - and examples of how your affiliate id placement works:

Typical Clickthrough to Buy Rates:

A lot of marketing is simply a numbers game ie. only a percentage of people will buy a product. This means that the more qualified (ie. interested/relevant) people you send to our website, the more likely you are to get a sale.

  • Typical e-product clickthrough-to-buy rates range from  1-3%.
  • Average ecommerce rates are usually closer to 1%.
  • Our top 3 affiliates have clickthrough-to-buy rates that range from 1.33-2.65% .
  • What makes an affiliate successful is often simply down to the volume of traffic that affiliate sends to the website.

Here are Some Tips to Maximise Your Affiliate Revenues:

1) Don't just send people to products:

Remember that you get credited with sales that occur withing 6 months of sending people to our site. Even if they don't buy something right away, they may buy something later

So, as well as sending people to products on our site and encouraging people to buy something, you could also encourage them to:

  1. Sign-up for our weekly newsletter (about once a month we promote a product or our deal of the month).
  2. Grab one of our many free tools.

2) Send emails to your list:

  • Sending emails is by far the best way to make money as an affiliate.
  • The easiest way to get people to our site is probably to send people to our Free Resources (this way you're providing your list with a great resource).
  • Our most successful affiliates send emails to their list with a couple of personalised sentences promoting our products.
  • Think topically and seasonally eg. sending an email in the new year mentioning our goal-setting toolkit or sending them to our THINK Kindness Infographic during International Kindness Week.
  • People love to hear about new stuff. Share our new/latest products with your readers.
  • Another great strategy is to search our site for something you think your readers will genuinely be interested in - this could be a product, but it could also be an article or popular infographic.
  • Promote the Annual Fireworks Sale (around 1-4 July every year) – which is 33-35% discount off everything - sitewide. Most affiliates get sales from this event.
  • Finally, if you'd like to do a specific promotion to tie in with an email you're sending to your list, we can always discuss setting up a specific one-time coupon just for your list.

3) On your Website:

4) Social Media:

  • People love a deal, so if you promote a freebie, or the deal of the month this can work really well.
  • The issue with social media is that it's so transient. Your posts often don't reach very far – especially on Facebook where 500 Page Likes can mean that only a few tens of people see your posts at any one time. Also, engagement is often low because there are so many competing posts.
  • LinkedIn is probably the best Social Media channel for promoting to coaches and coachlike business owners. When coaches are on Facebook, they're more interested in finding clients - not buying products for their businesses. On LinkedIn however, people expect more "business to business" selling. Twitter is just so full of information and tweets that it's easy to get lost! Pinterest can work well too.

Summary/Final Recommendations:

  • When promoting, be sure to have a call to action: Click now, check it out here, learn more, visit now, see here etc.
  • For the biggest impact, focus on sending emails to your audience (rather than social media).
  • If you are working from social media, know that posts are transient and people are easily distracted. You will need to promote more frequently to get people's attention, and be very clear and succinct with your words.
  • Learn what your readers/fans/followers like/are interested in - know their goals, dreams and their obstacles/issues. Then send them to resources or articles on our site that genuinely help them.
  • Sign-up for our newsletter here (if you haven't already). This way you'll be up to the minute with what freebies are being featured, what's new, what's on special and perhaps spot articles and graphics your audience might like!
  • If you are going to promote paid product directly, to make it worthwhile, promote higher/better value items like one of our Toolkits (from $47 to $59), our Coaching Tools Megapack ($295 and the best value on the site), our Small Business Coaching Toolkit ($197) and our popular Renew You, Love Your Life Coaching Program ($197).
  • We have a monthly deal - usually a toolkit - and that's also a good thing to promote.
  • Finally, keep an eye out for our approximately quarterly affiliate emails with information about product launches/sales etc and to get ideas of what to promote.

Here are 10 Popular Articles and Infographics to share and link to (after adding your affiliate id):

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I hope this helps and gives you some ideas!

Warmly, Emma-Louise